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Elements bvba Bringing global brand growth to Elements through eCommerce Elements bvba is a distributor/agency of high quality and responsibly-made outdoor brands that reinforce our relationship with nature. They are active in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria and France. Challenge Elements asked us to create a B2B e-commerce site that allows them to manage… Read More


Across Website Across wanted t,o present itself to the public and was in need of a new logo and a project website. With the product and customer specs in mind, I created a clean and straightforward design with a strong focus on the introduction and usage of Across. For the implementation, I used HTML, sass,… Read More


Resto.be Resto.be is a business located in Zaventem that provides the user with an online collection of more than 4200 restaurants, which makes it the biggest online restaurant website of Belgium. The asked the company Foreach to rebuild their website.  My role in this was to completely redesign their bookings module and website which globally includes, homepage,… Read More


Openport Website Openport is a  free cloud-based reverse SSH service. Want to show your site to your clients before it's finished? Use Openport! Simply open the port you are using to develop the site (usually 8000 or 8080) and your client or friends can see the site before it is live to the public. For them,  I designed… Read More

Het Grootste Licht

Het Grootste Licht Since a couple of years De Standaard organises a quiz especially for youngsters between 18 & 25 years. The general concept is very simple: gather as much points as you can in each round and win a trip to the other side of the world or a Hello bank! prepaid card of… Read More