A restaurant booking platform that enables diners to search restaurants and make reservations with ease

My role
User research / UX Design / UI Design / Front-end
Miro / Sketch / Invision / Adobe Creative Suite / Intellij
UX researcher / UX UI Deisnger / 2 Front end / 2 Back-end
Year & Type
2019 - 2022 / SAAS

Overview is a business located in Belgium that provides the user with an online collection of restaurants that can be booked through their platform. is currently the biggest Belgian restaurant bookings website with over 650.00 reservations, and  1 million visitors a month.

My role

As the sole designer for this project, I led all the design initiatives, worked closely with a user researcher, product managers, front & back-end developers and Stakeholders.


The Problem had difficulties to reach their diners and merchants. The booking rate through was low and restaurant holders were not interested in being on

Despite their efforts to promote through offline and online advertising, they has difficulty boosting revenue through bookings and restaurant holders subscriptions. The majority of their earnings came from third-party advertising on their website

The Goal

Increase revenue by creating a user experience that makes it easy for food enthusiasts to book a restaurant online, and will convince new restaurant partners to join the network

The solution

We created a
fully responsive booking platform lorum ipsum

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